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Pre-Paid support package

if you could regularly use help with your wordpress website

Do you recognize this?

Sometimes you have a question about how something works in WordPress. A wish to make a small tweak to the design of your site, which you don’t know how to do yourself. Content that needs to be added, but little time because of current teaching obligations, or a deadline for a grant application…

Would it not be great if you have somebody that can quickly assist you in such situations? That is why Sites for Scholars offers a pre-paid support package. With this package we become your personal go-to help desk for all your WordPress (and DIVI) support needs.

Enter: the pre-paid support package

Reduced rates

By paying for a number of hours at once we reduce the administrative burden of sending and paying bills for both of us. The number of hours that you buy determined our hourly rate – the more hours, the less you pay per hour. Scroll down for our rates.

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Frequently asked questions

How does it work in practice? What are the conditions?
  • The pre-paid support is valid until one year after purchase;
  • Time is registered per 15 minutes
  • Requests should be made over e-mail. In most cases, you will get a first reply within a day;
  • In case your request(s) will take more than an hour of work, I will always inform you first;
  • Your requests will be taken care of within 5 days. Afterwards you will receive a mail message informing you how much time was spent and how much is still left on your pre-paid package.
What can I use the support package for?

You can use your pre-paid support package for any type of support you need for your WordPress site (with or without the DIVI theme), for example:

  • Placing content or images on your site;
  • Installing new plugins on your site to extend its functionalities (e.g. to create a publication list with BibTex import option);
  • A safe update of WordPress, theme and plugins (and a check if everything still works properly after the updates);
  • Solving technical problems;
  • Small tweaks to the design of your site;
  • Design of new pages in the same style as the rest of your site;
  • An answer to your question(s) about WordPress;
  • Online instruction in how to manage your site (which we will record, so you can always review the session if you forget something)

If you have a request that does not fit in your pre-paid support package, such as a complex extension of your site, we will let you know in advance. We can then make a separate quote for that request.

Can I not just pay afterwards for the time that you actually spend, instead of paying in advance?

Of course that is a possibility. You can always approach me with a question or request, and I can give you an estimation of the costs and send you a bill afterwards. However:

  1. My hourly rate will be higher (€75/hour) than if you use a pre-paid support package;
  2. My response may be slower, as clients who want a new website or who have a support package take precedence.

In other words, with a support package I reserve some time in my schedule to always help you out timely and against a better rate.

Available support packages

for wordpress (& DIVI) websites

The prices below are excluding 21% VAT.

Interested in our support package?

Don’t hesitate to send me a message, and I will get back to you shortly. If you prefer, you can also mail me directly at

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